Summer hair care tips

02 september 2016

Now that we're deep into the summer and have been spending most of our days at the beach and pool, our hair definitely needs some extra care.
With these healthy summer hair tips you can have fun in the sun without damaging your locks!

  • Use UV protectant spray; just spray over your hair lightly and run the product through your hair with your fingers before going outside.

  • After your splash into a chlorinated pool or into the ocean, rinse your hair with clear water as soon as possible.

  • After rinsing your hair, simply apply a dot of mask treatment trough your hair. Your hair will recover, and you have a cool wet look at once!

  • Start using a repairing conditioner every time you wash your hair along with a sulphate free shampoo to quickly add much needed moisture and life back to your locks!

  • When spending your free time by the pool, pop a bit leave-in treatment on your locks. This way the sun cannot damage your hair and you have a deeply treatment at once!

  • You did an all-over color treatment? If you’re going on a beach vacation, wait a week after you’ve color­-treated and apply a deep conditioner. Leave it on for at least 10 minutes, then rinse. This makes hair less porous, and helps prevent damage from the effects of ocean water and chlorine.

  • Avoid brushing hair when it’s wet. Always try to use your fingers or a wide-­toothed comb, which will gently glide through the hair, and loosely manage your locks without as much breakage.

  • Wearing a hat is the best way to protect your hair from sun damage. Plus, it can help protect against heat stroke and sun-­induced headaches. If you’re a fashion rebel like we are, wear a scarf, hat or bandana that coordinates with your swimwear. You’ll be adorable!


Enjoy your summer and shine with your gorgeous locks!

Xx SuS



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