perfect winter holiday destination

15 november 2016


Caribbean Curaçao; the island of Dushi’s, bounty beaches and iguanas! We traveled to this beautiful island and let us inspire by the various culture, beautiful nature, great food and of course the fabulous bounty beaches.
And we have to say.. We’re totally in love with this unique island!

The capital of Curaçao, Willemstad! The city is very colorful and the place to be if you’d like to go shopping, enjoying great food and to discover the local art. Of course we did :)

The first thing we fell in love with, is the tropical climate. The entire year it’s about 27° Celsius and there is lots of sun shine with a lovely cooling breeze of the ocean.
The sea is absolutely clear blue, which makes it perfect to snorkel or for diving. The temperature of the sea is heavenly; the average sea temperature is over 26° Celsius.

There are dozens of beautiful bounty beaches, with gorgeous white sand and green palm trees. It’s the perfect destination to relax, get a tan and nip of a cocktail.


You’ll definitely have to rent a car and discover the colorful island and absolute great nature. The National Christoffel Park is really gorgeous, which you can discover by car or just by walking. You will see lovely flowers and trees, Aloë Vera and tropical birds.
At the rough North Side of the Island you’ll find Shete Boka, where the Caribbean Sea strikes savage to the seashore.

Curaçao has a divers and lively culture. You’ll find all sorts of Caribbean music, various languages (among them Dutch and Papiamento), colorful art and a delicious and divers cuisine.
Whenever you like fish, meat, sushi, BBQ, non-meat, it doesn’t matter.. We tried it all and everything tasted absolutely great!
The great diversity is mainly due because the island is inhabited by various people of different backgrounds. Many residents of Curaçao have African ancestors, but there are also people who are descendants of the Netherlands who migrated to the island four centuries ago. There is also a large Jewish community and there live many South Americans.

So if you are looking for your next Holiday go-to, we definitely recommend Curaçao!

We loved it! Xx SuS 

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