Welcome to Soak up Summer!

03 juni 2016

This is the first official post on the Soak up Summer blog, so hello everyone and welcome to Soak up Summer!

We are so excited to have it up and running, so we’ll say a big Whoohoo!

We began the brand in the hope of creating beautiful swimwear that fits perfect, also for bigger cup sizes but without being a ‘big size brand’. A combination of high quality products blended with an affordable price.
Our biggest inspirations, which guide the creative process, are travelling the world, photography, and drawing.

With Soak up Summer we appeal to women who are looking for comfortable, chic and cheeky swimwear that can be styled and worn with ease, and to discover the perfect bikini.

We are excited to share, connect and interact on a greater level with you all, as well as we like to share the love for the summer, beach and sunshine.

Thank you all for your wonderful support and love!

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