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30 september 2016

Gala of 'My Bikini Musthaves' wrote an awesome article about Soak up Summer!
She traveled to Curaçao to try out the Soak up Summer bikinis.
You can read the article below;

New name to know
Soak Up Summer

And you can even win a bikini!

Soak Up Summer | My Bikini Musthaves

I know fall is around the corner but we still had some beautiful sunny days here in the Netherlands. Talking about Indian Summer! I was trying to Soak Up Summer till the very end. And that’s exactly what this Dutch swimwear brand is all about.

*Read till the end of this post for my giveaway!*

Launched in 2016, Soak Up Summer was created in a way many new brands start: the owner couldn’t find what she was looking for so decided to design the perfect bikini herself. I can really relate to her story. She had a demanding job in finance and was totally missing the creativity in her career and daily life. Then what? Right, quit your job and start on your own! A dream come true for her and till this day the best decision I’ve ever made.

Soak Up Summer | My Bikini Musthaves

Holland isn’t particularly a swimwear country where we parade in our bikinis all day. So to name 10 Dutch swimwear brands can be challenging you’re not in the bikini business. I’ve written about Dutch brands before (This brand is actually really big in Holland) but I always get excited when I discover new ones. Especially when they make you feel confident in your skin and are good priced ;)

I’m used to Dutch swimwear brands being more conservative in their fit and choice of material. This is not the case with Soap Up Summer. And what a pleasant surprise! The orange BOSSA bikini I’m wearing in the pictures below has a low-waisted bottom (yes!) with small coverage (double yes!) and even side ties so you can adjust it as you please.

Soak Up Summer | My Bikini Musthaves

BOSSA bikini with removable halter straps

But don’t worry, Soak Up Summer isn’t totally neglecting the Dutch curves! If you have a bigger cup size and need some extra support then I suggest to go for the AIGUA bikini (the yellow piece I’m wearing in this post). Not that I’m Pamela Anderson or anything but since I’m pregnant my future milk machine grew two cup sizes. Yeah I know, let’s wait and see when the baby’s here!

That’s why it’s perfect that you can order the tops and bottoms separately. I’m happy to see that swimwear brands are offering that a lot more nowadays. Because we all know the body of a women comes in different shapes and sizes, fortunately! Soak Up Summer will release new styles throughout the next year and I can’t wait to see what they come
up with!

Soak Up Summer | My Bikini Musthaves

Soak Up Summer | My Bikini Musthaves

At this point Soak Up Summer is only being sold through their webshop (which ships worldwide!) but… You can make a chance to win the orange BOSSA bikini that I’m wearing in these images! How? It’s simple:

1)  Follow My Bikini Musthaves (here) and Soak Up Summer (here) on Instagram
2) Tag your most summer-loving friend under the Instagram picture where I’m wearing the Soak Up Summer bikini

Public profiles only! The lucky winner will be announced on Tuesday October 4th. Good luck!

Want to see the whole collection of Soak Up Summer? Click here or check out their Facebook and Instagram page.

Soak Up that Summer while you still can ladies!

Love, Gala

You can read the article on My Bikini Musthaves here

Xx SuS

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