How to take care of your bikini

01 juli 2016

There is nothing worse than finally find your favorite bikini, and when the damage has already been done, you’ll find out that you can only wear your bikini for one vacation or one season. Colors are faded, the fabric is damaged and you’ve spots in it that you can’t get out. We absolutely don’t want this for the Soak up Summer Babes, so therefore we made this article.

Sure, it's much easier to just toss your bikini in the washing machine (we're all guilty of this), but trust us it's worth taking the time to hand wash! A few tips from our heart to properly take care of your bikinis!

Be kind for your bikini
We know that water slides are really awesome, but please don’t slide with your best bikinis. It will damage the fabric. A relaxing mud bath? Sure, but don’t wear your favorite bikini! Whenever you are sitting on the ground next to the pool, on a wooden bench, or any rough surfaces, try to sit on a towel. Otherwise it can snag and tear the material. There's nothing worse than saggy bikini butt!

Rinse, rinse, rinse..
Make sure you rinse your bikini after each wear. Even if you don't go in the water, sand, sunscreen and your body's natural oils can still wear down your bikini. Extend the life of the fabric by making sure to wash your bikini after every wear, and preferably as soon as possible.

Hand wash
Our bikini washing formula: combine cold water + a capful of gentle laundry detergent. Let soak for 5-10 minutes then rinse. We promise this will do wonders to your bikini fabric!

Dry, dry, dry..
Resist the urge of wringing every last drop of water. It can leave you bikini sagging in the wrong places. Instead, lay the bikini out in a towel, roll the towel up and squeeze gently, then lay your bikini out to dry. Don’t dry your bikinis in direct sunlight. Drying in the sun too long can cause discoloring, and no one wants to wear a faded bikini. Always dry out your bikinis completely, before putting them away.

Stay away from heat
Are you a Jacuzzi or hot tub junkie? Reserve one bikini just for the hot tub – and make sure it’s your cheapest one! Hot water is bad for swimwear.
Never (we repeat, never) iron or throw your bikini in the dryer! Just like sunlight, too much heat can cause fading or even worse damage to the fabric.

White and light-colored bikinis
We all know that light-colored bikinis and clothing are very fragile and vulnerable. Be careful with sunscreens, oils and creams, it can cause discoloring of the fabric. Don’t go to the beach and don’t swim in natural water with these bikinis, if you want to keep your light-colored bikinis nicely. But don’t be sad, save them for pool parties, resorts, swimming pools and festivals!

Rotate bikinis
If you are on vacation or wearing your bikinis often, it is essential to have more than one. The washing and drying takes time and it the meantime you can better change your bikini for your next adventure! Keep the white and light-colored bikinis for the pool side, reserve a Golden Oldie for hot tubs and mud baths and enjoy and shine with your beloved bikinis!

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